Accreditation Visit

Next Survey Visit

The next full LCME accreditation survey (virtual) visit is January 24–26, 2022. For a list of COM–T survey visit participants, click here.


The preparation begins 2 years in advance starting with the population of the Data Collection Instrument (DCI). Using the DCI, the institutional self-study commences to review internal ppolicies, processes and infrastruction to determine our degree of compliance. From the self-study process, CQI projects will be developed to address any gaps in compliance that were identified. At the culmination of the self-study, the DCI will be updated to reflect the CQI project progress or completion, and an institutional self-study summary report (ISSSR) will be drafted to document the process and current status of compliance. The DCI and the ISSSR will be submitted to the LCME 3 months prior to their visit.

Survey Visit Team

A team of 5 members from peer medical schools has been selected to review our college. The team is led by a chair, who is typically a current or recent medical school dean, LCME Co-Secretary, or LCME member. There is also a team secretary, who is the school's liaison, and the rest are members drawn from a pool of experienced educators, practitioners, and administrators. For bios of our assigned ad hoc survey team representing the LCME, click here.


For more information about a full accreditation survey visit, please see the LCME website (LINK).