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LCME accreditation website

Explore the website of the Liaison Committee on Medical Education to find out more such as who the sponsors are (AMA and AAMC), the membership roster of the LCME, LCME meeting dates/times, and the U.S. medical school directory that includes each school's accreditation status.

LCME Publications

Below are the LCME publications of most interest to medical schools. The LCME frequently updates them (at least annually) so look for the most recent academic year. Use the down arrows in the column headers to search by document type, document titles, and academic year.

  • Functions and Structure of a Medical School
  • Guide to the Institutional Self-study for Full Accreditation
  • The Role of Students in the Accreditation of Medical Education Programs in the U.S. for Full Accreditation

LCME SAMPLE Survey Visit Schedule

Here is a LCME Survey Visit Schedule-SAMPLE for a full accreditation survey visit. The final schedule is typically worked out with the Survey Team Secretary and the school's Faculty Accreditation Lead/Director of Accreditation.