Self-Study Overview

Interim Self-study

The Figure below shows the entire 8-year Quality Improvement Cycle. The Interim Self-study conducted at the 4-year mark is a major component of the Interim Review Process. The interim self-study takes approximately 12-15 months to complete.

Independent Student Analysis (ISA)

The Independent Student Analysis (ISA) is conducted every 2 years. The ISA kicks-off the Interim Review Process. It is student-driven, but supported by the COllege's Accreditation Office. 


The Interim Self-study Team meets for a kick-off meeting for an orientation to their charge and the Interim Review Process.

Data Collection Instrument (DCI)

The Director of Accreditation assists the Interim Self-study Team in overseeing the successful collection of DCI responses from respective units/offices. This includes communicating to their respective areas about the process, their responsibilities, and helping to facilitate successful completion of the DCI.

Interim Self-Study

After the Director of Accreditation compiles the responses into a single DCI document, the Interim Self-study Team begins a series of meetings to review the DCI, determine compliance, and make recommendations for CQI projects.

CQI Projects

Some of the Team members, i.e. administrators, will be responsible for ensuring the completion of CQI projects, which could include, as appropriate, or to the extent necessary, the initiation, development, and management of the projects.

FIGURE: Quality Improvement Cycle (8 years)