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Accreditation & Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)

The College of Medicine – Tucson (COM-T) prides itself in its pursuit of excellence in patient care, research and education. In an on-going effort to improve our medical education program, a Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) system has been established linked directly to the expectations for educational process and outcomes as contained in accreditation standards to carry out improvements in a systematic way. See CQI policy.

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Summary of LCME Findings 2022

Based on the January 2022 Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) full survey visit and submissions, the LCME awarded full accreditation to the College of Medicine – Tucson’s medical education program. The college has posted a Summary of LCME Findings and Supplemental Materials containing further context, progress, and action notes for faculty, students, and staff (requires NetID and password to view).


While the institutional self-study and quality improvement is an integral component of the preparation for an accreditation survey visit, our students and their future patients who animate the College’s engagement in these important activities.

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They said...

Clarify mental health options for students.

We did...

The students may make in-person or telepsychiatry appointments with any of the four mental health providers hired by the college; the therapist, Ms. Labagnara is a fulltime staff position. Students may also make appointments at the UA Counseling and Psych Services on main campus.

They said...

We would like to hear follow-ups about our reports submitted to the Professionalism Program.

We did...

Regular aggregated reports on the number and classification of reported unprofessional and exemplary behaviors will be given to students, faculty, and COM-T administration. If the system remains confidential (and not anonymous), a follow-up email will be sent by the Professionalism Program confirming the issue was addressed by the appropriate people. Details of actions taken cannot be shared.

They said...

We need a clearer understanding of who to ask for what early in medical school career.

We did...

Addressed in Townhalls that students can utilize their House Dean and Societies Mentor to help them navigate or feel free to reach out to any other dean or mentor. Websites show staff areas for additional help: Career Advisors; Societies Mentors; Student Affairs Staff; and Education Program Staff.


Accreditation Team

Raquel Givens, M.Ed.
Director, Accreditation

Kevin Moynahan, MD, FACP
Faculty Accreditation Lead

Davin Vidigal Rosenberg, Ph.D.
Editor and Project Manager